After finding the perfect piece of Panama real estate, life at your Panama beachfront home is pure bliss. This is the laid-back, tropical paradise most people only dream of.

Panama is one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world. This small isthmus boasts two oceans, mountains, jungles, white, beige and black sand beaches, and hundreds of tropical islands. See rare wildlife species in their natural habitats – Panama is incredibly biodiverse, with more animal species than country’s many times its size. Its climate is lovely and its beauty is unmatched.

The local people are kind and welcoming and many speak English. Even the remote indigenous tribes, like the Ngobe-Bugle Indians, gracefully welcome visitors into their villages to learn about their cultures and customs. The weather is nearly perfect all year round, so whether you opt for a heart racing deep sea fishing trip or an exploratory jungle stroll, there is something to delight everyone in Panama.

Although most of the country is unspoiled by the touristy crowds you’ll see in other tourism destinations, Panama also has the most cosmopolitan city in Central America – a center for international commerce and a designer shopping haven. You can spend comfortably in Panama thanks to the wide use of the U.S. dollar and prices that are often 2-5 times less than in the U.S. Enjoy a stunning array of culinary cuisines thanks to the international influences brought in by the famous Panama Canal.

In Panama you will find a warm and welcoming community of expatriates who have sought out Panama real estate as a haven from the sinking economy or hectic pace of life. The best way to meet others interested in Panama is to join one of the many forums or Facebook pages hosting open conversations about moving to or living in Panama.

Forget about the rest of the world while you wander freely and safely through the jungle on a private island, like Isla Contadora. Here they will provide guided jungle tours at every level of exertion. Thanks to the world class service standards of The West Paces Hotel Group, you can follow up that vigorous hike with a soothing massage, gourmet dinner or a peaceful boat ride. Contact us for more information or a color brochure on life in Panama.

Take your morning coffee with the sunning lizards while a chorus of tropical birds sings. Channel your inner Christopher Columbus as you anchor away into the open Pacific. Feel your heart race as you hook a fish swimming 120 miles per hour and feel it swell as you reach out to touch the hand of an indigenous Ngobe Bugle child. Rest your tired hiking legs while savoring a gourmet dinner with island or city friends. Stand on a private beach and experience peacefulness so deep that the stars align. Fall asleep in your own bed while breathing fresh island air and listening to the waves.

Then do it all again tomorrow.


A personal perspective.

The Economist recently published an article on being an expat, stating that “it is becoming both easier and more difficult to experience the thrill of being an outsider.” Well put.

Everyone has their own reasons for leaving their home country; some to escape oppression, some for work, and some to be inspired. The Economist noted that of the past ten winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, five have been emigrants. Some of the most interesting people in history have spent time abroad; think: Hemingway, Gauguin, Kerouac, Madonna. My past six months here full-time (plus a year half-time), have proven to be a rewarding experience in ways I never expected.

Spending time in a foreign country, even one as mildly foreign as Panama (I still pay with US dollars and English is widely spoken), has the potential to enrich your life, expand your horizons, and provide daily opportunities for personal growth. A few observations of things I have gained:

– Daily Growth – every single day, I am confronted with new challenges that push my mind to think in different ways and complete different tasks. Some as mundane as figuring out what beer to order (Panama brand is my favorite), to more complicated things, like how to sign up for electric service for our office (it’s a pain, don’t ask). Psychologists found that living abroad makes you more creative.

– Travel Opportunities – I had already traveled up and down both coasts and many places in between in North America. Being in Panama has given me the opportunity to experience the rainforest and go places nearby that I never would have from the US (I am planning a trip to neighboring Colombia).

– Worldly Acceptance – Being exposed to different people with different perspectives and different ways of life opens the mind and has allowed me to be more welcoming and understanding. If we knew our enemies, we may not be so inclined to destroy them.

– Appreciation – I was surprised to find myself being patriotic when living abroad. Often a critic of my country, I have realized that it’s not such a bad place.

– Financial – The great things in life aren’t free, but they’re definitely cheaper in most places outside of the US. Panama is not an exception. Here you can buy Beachfront Homes for Sale in Panama City Panama  starting at $200K.

Three words: pack your bags!