If you’ve bought some Panama real estate and plan on living there year round, you’ll be interested to know that healthcare in Panama is outstanding. This has resulted in a booming medical tourism industry. Foreign nationals from all over the world are choosing Panama to have their surgeries and medical procedures, saving them money and allowing them to recuperate in a gorgeous tropical setting.

Panama boasts excellent healthcare, multilingual doctors who studied internationally and affordable prices that allow expats to stay in Panama for important surgeries. Expats frequent many private hospitals and clinics that use cutting-edge procedures at prices around half the cost of American institutions. Panama City’s Punta Pacifica Hospital is a John Hopkins International affiliate with new technology, advanced medical practices and internationally trained staff. Other notable hospitals are the nearby Punta Patilla Hospital, San Fernando Hospital and Hospital Nacional. For visitors in Chiriqui, the largest hospital in the area is Hospital Chiriqui, which has been highly recommended to us by U.S. healthcare professionals as providing excellent care. There are many quality options for maintaining your health in Panama, and health insurance is extremely affordable.

Health Insurance

Panama has three healthcare systems: national, public, and private. —National Healthcare is primarily utilized by poorer people who do not qualify for the socialized healthcare system. —The public (socialized) healthcare system is good, and is used by most Panamanians. However, foreigners and wealthier Panamanians tend to opt for insurance with the private healthcare system. —

There are plenty of options for affordable private health insurance offered by both large and small healthcare companies in Panama. You should purchase insurance from a network your preferred physician in Panama is a part of. Preventive, mental and dental insurances are too advanced for Panama, but care is generally affordable. Some companies offer limited coverage of mental and dental insurance after a few years with a policy. Navigating health insurance in Panama, like any country, can be troublesome. We’ve heard good things about MediSalud since they have clean buildings, provide services attentively, offer emergency services and a staff of friendly healthcare professionals in Panama City; other options with good reputations are La Cresta and El Dorado.

The most practical idea for Panama real estate buyers who are only residing in Panama seasonally with a residence still in the United States is to stick to their international insurance plan. —Many American insurance companies offer International Overseas Medical Insurance. The options, coverage, and network providers for international insurance plans vary by company though, so be sure to check with yours.

Pharmacies and Prescriptions

Many medications only available by prescription in the United States are available over the counter in Panama. Medicinal purchases with a prescription will result in a lower cost on prices that are already a fraction of the cost of United States prescriptions. Despite the readily available medications, many Panamanians choose alternative and homeopathic options, probably due to the large Chinese and and Indigenous populations and the easily accessible natural ingredients.