J. Keeping in touch with family back home is easy.

Panama offers the same quality communications services that you find in the US , Canada, Belize real estate , or Europe . This enables you to keep in touch with friends, family and the rest of the world from Panama easily and efficiently. Cable & Wireless is a leading international communications provider and they offer service all over Panama , including high-speed Internet services, cellular phone networks and ADSL in-home phone/Internet capability. Plus, satellite TV through Direct TV is available all over Panama , and cable TV/Internet services through Cable Onda are also available in some parts of Panama.

K. Getting to Panama is only a 2.5 hour flight from the USA.

COPA Airlines ( Panama ‘s international airline that is 49% owned by Continental Airlines) now has direct flights from Houston , Los Angeles , Miami (2 ½ hours), Newark and Orlando . Direct flights from the major Central and South American cities are also available through COPA, American Airlines, Delta, Continental Airlines, Iberia Airlines, and several other major airlines.

L. Panama is convenient, low-cost, and easy living.

Panama offers all the conveniences that you would normally get in the US and more. Where in the world can you hire a full time house maid for $150 per month? Where can you hire a gardener for $10 per day? What is more convenient than having a maid and gardener to clean your home, wash your clothes, cook your food, do your grocery shopping, clean your car, and garden your yard? In Panama , all of your time is spent on either being productive at the office, or enjoying the things you love most – your children, grandchildren, fishing, surfing, hobbies, sports, etc. Panama ‘s cost of living is sometimes compared to that of the US in the 1950’s. The main difference being the variety of modern day conveniences available in this tropical paradise. To further on the cost of living point, medical care facilities in Panama offer the same services of those in the United States, but cost 30% to 40% less (in some cases lower than that!). The prices of real estate are very inexpensive (at least for now), you can still buy Caribbean beachfront real estate for affordable prices. You can hire a trained nurse at about $450 per month. To put the icing on the cake, Panamanian Law gives all retirees discounts of 15% to 50% on hotel fares, food at restaurants, airfare, movies and many other professional services!

M. If you still are not ready to retire, Panama is the best place to do business.

Aside from being a tropical paradise, Panama is what most people consider to be the best place in the world to do business. The business infrastructure in Panama is the best in Latin America and the Caribbean due to a variety of factors;

  • Panama ‘s official currency is the US Dollar since 1904 so their are no foreign exchange or valuation concerns.
  • Panama ‘s international banking center offers a variety of financing options and top quality banking services.
  • Company start up laws in Panama are very flexible and inexpensive.
  • Panama does not restrict foreigners from owning companies, businesses, or their acquisitions, joint ventures or mergers.
  • Labor, rent, real estate, utilities, communications, construction, taxes, and overall cost-of-business and cost-of-living is low.
  • Panama ranks as one of the world’s freest economies. Panama is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). Panama is negotiating the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) and it is the Headquarters of the FTAA until 2003.
  • The Panamanian populace is more than 80% literate and a large percentage is bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • According to the Corporate Resources Group who did a recent business survey of 192 cities worldwide, Panama ranks as “one of the best places to live in Latin America ”.
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