A. No better place to retire:

There is simply NO BETTER PLACE TO RETIRE than in a beachfront property in Panama . Another Panamanian secret has been revealed during the past few years—it is a great place to retire. Panama ‘s popularity as a retirement destination is no accident. This country’s mixture of a high quality of life, easy life style, retirement incentives and modern amenities allow persons to change their location and lives, with very little problem.

* According to Modern Maturity, a newsletter of the American Association of Retired Persons , Panama was voted as “One of the top 4 places in the world to live abroad”.

* International Living rates Panama as “the best place to live outside of the United States ”.

* According to Harpers Bazaar, “ Panama is the most beautiful retreat in the world, and almost undiscovered”.

* The Economist, an internationally recognized publication, recently stated that “ Panama has stood apart, sustained by it’s canal, its banks, and it’s free trade zone.”

B. Panama offers a Variety of Environments

Panama is a country of incredible beauty. The rainforests of Panama offer a diversity of flora and fauna found in no other place in the world, primarily due to the position of the Isthmus of Panama as the crossroads of the Americas . Residential environments drastically range from city, mountain, beach and island communities. If you get bored of being in the Caribbean islands, you can quickly travel to the mountains, lakes, city, Pacific beaches or Pacific Islands – everything is close by! There is always that perfect spot to suit everyone’s taste.

C. Home ownership in Panama is currently at Unbeatable Prices!

First off, unlike other countries where foreigners cannot own property, in Panama , foreigners have the security of knowing that, they can own property legally and easily. Foreigners are granted exactly the same rights and protections as a local Panamanian property owner. Due to various factors, prices for Panamanian real estate have remained basically unchanged from the mid 1990s (except for “hot” areas like Boquete in Chiriqui and the islands of the Bocas del Toro archipelago). Panama real estate prices range from $100,000 for a three-bedroom, top-of-the-line apartment in the heart of Panama City; $150,000 for a two-bedroom Panama condos in a luxurious high rise overlooking the Pacific ocean in Panama City; $175,000 for a four-plex building in the old Albrook military base in Panama City; $155,000 for a three-bedroom house with lot in the beautiful mountains of Boquete; or $164,000 for a beautiful beach front Condominium at Big Creek Village on the island at Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro.

D. Buying Real Estate in Panama is Safe

Foreigners have been buying real estate in Panama for almost a century. Panama’s government promotes Panama as a location for international investors to buy and develop real estate, and they even created and passed the Law 54 (Of July 22,1998), which provisions for the Legal Stability of Investments are adopted. Panama property titles, even if owned by foreigners, are safe and protected by law, just as they are in the United States . As a matter of fact, Stewart Title Company as well as First American Title & Insurance Company (both major US title insurance companies) both offer title insurance on property in Panama.